Thursday, December 17, 2009

Solving an L Shaped Area of Kukaro

This tutorial is an example of how to solve an L shaped region in Kakuro.

This particular example gives an exact solution for a 3 member L-shaped region in certain situations.

The two regions, Dark Red and Total Red can be compared to calculate the Light Red.

The horizontal values of 15 and 14 = 29 for the Dark Red region.

The vertical values of 17 and 16 = 33 for the Total Red region.

33 - 29 = 4 for the Light Red region

A value of 4 going around a corner allows the repeating of a value, usually not part of the normal logic of solving a Kakuro problem. There is only one solution of 1-2-1 that is allowed to satisfy the value of 4.

For other values of a three member L shaped region, a 5 would offer two: 2-1-2  OR  1-3-1

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